The Chiruca Forest grows

El Bosque Chiruca crece

For years, working for the environment and its preservation has been a top priority for us.

And as a company committed to the environment, we created our own forest at the end of 2015, on a 6-hectare plot of land where 6,000 trees have already been reforested.

The Chiruca Forest extends very close to the facilities we have in La Rioja, specifically in the Riojan municipality of Bergasa. This week we have signed a new agreement with the town council of this locality with which we have doubled the land destined to plant trees, specifically Holm oaks, reaching a total of 15.5 hectares.

With this forest we intend to compensate the CO2 emissions that are derived from the manufacturing process and that are within the “Chiruca Forest Absorption” project registered in the MAGRAMA (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment) to calculate, reduce and compensate greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Our commitment to the implementation of work systems that care for the environment is one of the main pillars that support the company, and proof of this is that we were the first Spanish footwear company certified by AENOR in the Carbon Footprint CO2 controlled in 2012.

The aims, objectives and motivations of Calzados Fal-Chiruca to implement these certifications are: the attitude of improvement towards sustainability and the visualisation to customers of the environmental commitment and transparency in the manufacturing process.

Offering quality products and services, demonstrating that the environment is respected and that the whole organisation carries out its activity in a safe working environment are nowadays the key aspects that make the difference between companies.

Visit the Chiruca Forest and help us take care of the environment by planting a tree with us!

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