Calzados FAL

I+D+I Calzados FAL

In order to be sure of offering the highest quality in its products, Calzados FAL has an important R&D&I area made up of different departments.

Desing Departamnt

In this department Calzados FAL does the work of modelling, design and optimisation of resources, making use of the new technologies applied to the footwear sector. As well as its own designers and modellists, the company works with an external design department consisting of professionals from different countries who act a consultants in this field.

Calzados FAL / Departamento Diseño

The design of all Calzados FAL models takes into account podometric and biomechanical aspects in the shapes and materials of the uppers, insoles and soles. High-technology materials used, selecting the most suitable with regard to the uses to which the different models will be put.


All the production process is subject to the strictest quality controls, a key concept in the company’s philosophy. In this field, the control laboratory is a fundamental element. This is where the most rigorous tests are performed on the primary materials (leathers, laces, textile materials, insoles, soles) and on the finished product.

Calzados FAL / Laboratorio

With its sophisticated equipment, the Calzados FAL laboratory is capable of rigorously performing a large number of tests based on international standards, which the wide range of materials undergo depending on their characteristics, their functions and the location of each component in the final product.

  • Tests on leather.
  • Tests on laces.
  • Tests on textile materials.
  • Tests on soles.
  • Tests on safety toecaps.
  • Tests on the complete shoe.

Tecnological Cooperation

In the R&D&I area FAL is associated with INESCOP (Instituto Tecnológico del Calzado y Conexas) and has prestigious collaborators such as the IBV (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia) and the Centro Tecnológico GAIKER.
The projects are endorsed by the MINER through the CDTI (Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial) and have been great marketing successes.

Calzados FAL / Cooperació Tecnológica

The experience accumulated in manufacturing is expanded by the activity of the R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) department, which is responsible for the development of innovative products. This activity has borne fruit with products that place FAL in the forefront of the European footwear sector, working with the most important technological institutes in Spain.