Calzados Fal, a company committed to the environment

Calzados FAL consigue una importante reducción de emisiones CO2 gracias a la energía limpia

The Riojan company Calzados Fal S.A. is a company committed to the environment, which promotes environmental efforts and works actively in the field of sustainability.

Its continuous work to reduce its environmental impact is reflected in these actions that demonstrate the extent to which Chiruca® is committed to the environment.


Calzados Fal – Chiruca® is registered on the list of companies that calculate their carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, organisation, event or product, in this case in the manufacture of boots.

With this seal, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Spanish Government, Calzados Fal demonstrates its participation in the registry and reflects the degree of effort undertaken by the company in the fight against climate change. The aim of this seal is to measure the environmental impact of the entire process carried out by the company in the production of footwear, to evaluate the ecological impact of its products and its environmental actions.

In addition to being among the companies that calculate their carbon footprint, Calzados Fal is on the path to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and is making efforts to reduce its emissions with carbon dioxide absorption projects, and in the very near future to offset them.


However, long before the Spanish Government opened the list of companies that calculate, reduce and offset CO2 emissions, Calzados Fal – Chiruca® in 2012 went a step further in its commitment to the environment and obtained the “Controlled CO2 Carbon Footprint” certification from AENOR, which consists of a voluntary standard for the implementation of a strategy to reduce and/or offset CO2 emissions and therefore its commitment to the environment. AENOR’s CARBON FOOTPRINT – CO2 CONTROLLED certification is the perfect tool to establish a suitable policy of respect for the environment in those companies with a desire for continuous improvement.

Calzados Fal – Chiruca® was the first footwear company in Spain to implement this certification.


On the other hand, FAL has also implemented and certified an Environmental Management System according to the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, a system that is integrated into the Quality Management System in accordance with the guidelines promoted by the European authorities. The implementation of ISO 14001 makes it possible to define the significant environmental aspects and impacts in the company, set objectives and goals for environmental improvement, establish programmes in this area, and define the organisation’s policy in relation to the environment. In this way, the ISO 14001 certificate is a real letter of introduction all over the world, demonstrating to the competent bodies the implementation of an environmental management system. It is also evidence of the company’s commitment to its environment and to the conservation of natural resources.

The aims, objectives and motivations that have led Calzados Fal-Chiruca® to implement these certifications are: the attitude of improvement towards sustainability and the visualisation to customers of the environmental commitment and transparency in the manufacturing process.

Offering quality products and services, demonstrating that the environment is respected and that the entire organisation carries out its activity in a safe working environment are nowadays the key aspects that make the difference between companies.

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