Calzados FAL achieves a significant reduction in CO2 emissions thanks to clean energy

Calzados FAL consigue una importante reducción de emisiones CO2 gracias a la energía limpia

Calzados Fal is taking another step forward in the fight against climate change and in its responsibility towards the environment, and has therefore decided to implement solar self-consumption to provide energy and thus offset the Carbon Footprint derived from its manufacture.

It should be noted that solar energy is a CLEAN energy, which allows a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Let us remember that Calzados Fal has been one of the pioneering companies in establishing an appropriate policy of respect for the environment, with an attitude of improvement towards sustainability and an evolution towards a low-carbon economy.

Already in 2012 it took an important step in its commitment to the environment and obtained the “Controlled CO2 Carbon Footprint” certification from AENOR, which is a voluntary standard for the implementation of a strategy to reduce and/or offset CO2 emissions and therefore its commitment to the environment.

On the other hand, FAL has also implemented and certified an Environmental Management System according to the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard, a system that is integrated into the Quality and Health and Safety at Work Management System, in accordance with the guidelines promoted by the European authorities. The implementation of ISO 14001 makes it possible to define the significant environmental aspects and impacts in the company, set objectives and goals for environmental improvement, establish programmes in this area, and define the organisation’s policy in relation to the Environment.

Chiruca®’s commitment is to compensate the CO2 emissions derived from its manufacturing process and to work in favour of the environment and with this premise it created in 2015 the Chiruca Forest within its project “Chiruca Forest Absorption” registered in the MAGRAMA (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment) to calculate, reduce and compensate the emissions of greenhouse gases and contribute to environmental sustainability.

For all these reasons, Chiruca®, anticipating any national, international or global regulatory framework that may arise and before the market and customers demand this adaptation, has decided to implement solar self-consumption panels as a very effective way to achieve the objectives of reducing emissions without renouncing the use and exploitation of energy.

According to the Riojan company’s calculations, in the winter months, 20% of what is consumed will be generated and in the summer months this rises to 37.5% of what is consumed, which means a saving of 14% in electricity consumption.

The growing emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) has already doubled the rates of the pre-industrial era and is responsible for the global warming effect. The increase in global temperature has become one of the main challenges for the international community. That is why the quantification and reduction of the carbon footprint is nowadays the main focus of Calzados Fal, convinced that environmental responsibility has positive effects on its profits and reputation.

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