Calzados Fal donates 4,000 pairs of shoes for refugees

Calzados Fal dona 4.000 pares de calzado para las personas refugiadas

As part of its corporate social responsibility policy, Calzados Fal – Chiruca – has decided to join in the solidarity action that forms part of the campaign to collect humanitarian material in La Rioja for people seeking refuge in Greece and the Balkan route, organised by the Welcome Refugees Platform of La Rioja.

In view of the serious humanitarian situation being experienced in the refugee camps in Greece and along the Balkan route, further deteriorated if possible by the recent fires in the Moria camp, the Welcome Refugees Platform of La Rioja has developed a campaign to collect humanitarian material for people seeking refuge who have been trapped in Greece. The campaign has been carried out in coordination with the SOS Refugiados Network.

Calzados Fal has made a donation of more than 4,000 pairs of shoes, which have already left for Greece and Bosnia where SOS Refugiados and No Name Kitchen will distribute them among the people seeking refuge and asylum at the gates of Europe.

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